Language Technology: Research and Development 2017

10:15 Introduction
Session 1UD Annotation and Evaluation (Chair: Joakim Nivre)
10:30 Hoa Tran Inconsistencies in POS tags in Vietnamese Treebank on Universal Dependencies Project
10:45 Caroline Appleby Semi-Automatic Conversion between the HiNTS and Universal Dependencies Tagsets for Middle Low German
11:00 Carina Rawein Comparing the Annotation of Verb-Particle Constructions in Universal Dependencies Treebanks
11:15 Vanessa Quasnik Annotation of Syntactic Structures in UD: Existentials and Relational Nouns in Turkish
11:30 Nasrin Mostofian A Detailed Analysis of Erroneous Light Verb Constructions in Persian UD Treebank
11:45 Chiao-Ting Fang Analysis of Functional and Non-core Relations for Universal Dependencies Evaluation Metric
Session 2UD Applications (Chair: Sara Stymne)
13:00 Linjing Fu Morphological Annotation Influence on Parsing
13:15 Magdalena Parks The Effect of Semantic Properties on Word Order Freedom
13:30 Allison Adams Learning with Learner Corpora: Using the TLE for Native Language Identification
13:45 Tobias Neil Syntactically Guided Document Classification
Session 3Verbal Multiword Expressions (Chair: Fabienne Cap)
14:30 Rebeca Padilla López Multi-Emoji Expressions
14:45 Ammar Shadiq Automatic Idiom Token Classification Using Word Embedding
15:00 Laura Rossetti Identifying Italian Idiomatic Expressions by Automatic Word-Alignment
15:15 Manon Knoertzer Investigating the Literal and Non-Literal Use of Russian Prefixed Verbs of Motion