Experimental Settings: Divisible Transition Systems and Multiplanar Dependency Parsing

This page reports, for reproducibility, the complete experimental settings used in the Computational Linguistics article Divisible Transition Systems and Multiplanar Dependency Parsing (by Carlos Gómez-Rodríguez and Joakim Nivre).

The experiments reported in the article were conducted using MaltParser (version 1.7.2). The table below shows the exact settings used for the four parsers: arc-eager projective (Pr), 1-planar (1Pl), arc-eager pseudo-projective (PPr) and 2-planar (2Pl). Default settings were used for all MaltParser parameters that are not explicitly mentioned. (See the MaltParser documentation for more information about flags and parameters.)

Parser = 2Pl (2-planar)

LanguageFlagsFeature Model
Arabic-a 2planar -2pr falseAra2PlanarEager.xml
Czech-a 2planar -2pr false -d CPOSTAG -s Input[0] -T 1000 -lsx $HOME/libsvm-3.12/svm-trainCze2PlanarEager.xml
Danish-a 2planar -2pr false -prh relaxed -lsx $HOME/libsvm-3.12/svm-trainDan2PlanarEager.xml
Dutch-a 2planar -2pr true -prh relaxed -lsx $HOME/libsvm-3.12/svm-trainDut2PlanarEager.xml
German-a 2planar -2pr true -prh relaxed -d CPOSTAG -s Input[0] -T 1000Ger2PlanarEager.xml
Portuguese-a 2planar -2pr false -d POSTAG -s Input[0] -T 1000Por2PlanarEager.xml
Swedish-a 2planar -2pr false -prh relaxedSwe2PlanarEager.xml
Turkish-a 2planar -2pr true -d POSTAG -s Input[0] -T 1000Tur2PlanarEager.xml

Parser = 1Pl (1-planar)

LanguageFlagsFeature Model
Arabic-a planarAra1PlanarEager.xml
Czech-a planar -d CPOSTAG -s Input[0] -T 1000Cze1PlanarEager.xml
Danish-a planar -prh relaxedDan1PlanarEager.xml
Dutch-a planar -prh relaxedDut1PlanarEager.xml
German-a planar -prh relaxed -d POSTAG -s Input[0] -T 1000Ger1PlanarEager.xml
Portuguese-a planar -d POSTAG -s Input[0] -T 1000Por1PlanarEager.xml
Swedish-a planarSwe1PlanarEager.xml
Turkish-a planar -d CPOSTAG -s Input[0] -T 100Tur1PlanarEager.xml

Parser = PPr (pseudo-projective)

LanguageFlagsFeature Model
Arabic-a nivreeager -pp headAraNivreEager.xml
Czech-a nivreeager -pp head -d CPOSTAG -s Input[0] -T 1000CzeNivreEager.xml
Danish-a nivreeager -pp head -nr false -ne trueDanNivreEager.xml
Dutch-a nivreeager -pp head -nr false -ne trueDutNivreEager.xml
German-a nivreeager -pp head -d POSTAG -s Input[0] -T 1000  -nr false -ne trueGerNivreEager.xml
Portuguese-a nivreeager -pp head -d POSTAG -s Input[0] -T 1000PorNivreEager.xml
Swedish-a nivreeager -pp head -nr false -ne trueSweNivreEager.xml
Turkish-a nivreeager -pp head -d CPOSTAG -s Input[0] -T 100 -nr false -ne trueTurNivreEager.xml

Parser = Pr (projective arc-eager)

LanguageFlagsFeature Model
Arabic-a nivreeagerAraNivreEager.xml
Czech-a nivreeager -d CPOSTAG -s Input[0] -T 1000CzeNivreEager.xml
Danish-a nivreeager  -nr false -ne trueDanNivreEager.xml
Dutch-a nivreeager  -nr false -ne trueDutNivreEager.xml
German-a nivreeager  -d POSTAG -s Input[0] -T 1000  -nr false -ne trueGerNivreEager.xml
Portuguese-a nivreeager  -d POSTAG -s Input[0] -T 1000PorNivreEager.xml
Swedish-a nivreeager  -nr false -ne trueSweNivreEager.xml
Turkish-a nivreeager  -d CPOSTAG -s Input[0] -T 100 -nr false -ne trueTurNivreEager.xml