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Seminars and Meetings of the Reading Group in Computational Linguistics

Time: Fridays, 13-15
Place: Mostly in 9-2029 (for PhD seminars and reading group), 9-1017 or 9-1016 for other seminars (please, always check the schedule below!)
Contact: Suggestions for the reading group can be sent to Jörg Tiedemann

Fall 2012

Ideas for the reading group sessions:
2012-09-07 report from conferences 9-1017
2012-09-14 Lambert Schomaker: Recent advances in computer-based access to large handwritten collections seminar, 16-0054
2012-09-21 Berg-Kirkpatrick, Taylor and Burkett, David and Klein, Dan: An Empirical Investigation of Statistical Significance in NLP (EMNLP 2012) reading group, 9-3068 (Christian)
2012-10-05 Marco Kuhlmann: Beyond the Trees: Formalisms and Algorithms for Semantic Dependency Parsing seminar, 16-0054
2012-10-12 Christian Hardmeier PhD seminar, 9-2029
2012-10-18 Sara Stymne: Text harmonization for statistical machine translation seminar, 9-3042, kl 10!
2012-11-08 Andreas Maletti Syntax-Based Machine Translation Using Multi Bottom-Up Tree Transducers seminar, 7-0017, kl10!
2012-11-23 Hrafn Loftsson, School of Computer Science, Reykjavik University seminar, 9-2029
2012-11-30 Bonnie Webber: Discourse Relations and Machine Translation [slides] seminar, 9-1016
2012-12-07 seminar / reading group / PhD seminar, 7-1013

Spring 2012

Ideas for the reading group sessions:
2012-01-27 Beáta Megyesi: The Copiale Cipher seminar, 9-1016
2012-02-03 Noah Smith: Linguistic Structure Prediction, Chapter 4.1 reading group, 9-2029
2012-02-10 Richard Johansson seminar, 9-1016
2012-02-17 Mojgan Seraji PhD seminar, 9-2029
2012-03-02 reading group, 9-2029
2012-03-09 John Hale, Shravan Vasisht, Walter Daelemans workshop
2012-03-16 Aaron Clauset, Cosma Rohilla Shalizi, M. E. J. Newman Power-law distributions in empirical data reading group, 9-2029
2012-03-23 Sharon Goldwater, Thomas L. Griffiths, Mark Johnson. Producing Power-Law Distributions and Damping Word Frequencies with Two-Stage Language Models. JMLR 12(Jul):2335-2382, 2011. reading group, 9-2029
2012-03-30 Miguel Ballesteros PhD seminar, 9-2029
2012-04-13 Fredrik Wahlberg, Mats Dahllöf, Lasse Mårtensson, Anders Brun: "Historical Handwritten Text Recognition" seminar, 9-1016
2012-05-04 Oscar Täckström PhD seminar, 9-2029
2012-05-11 Lluís Màrquez seminar, 9-1016
2012-05-25 Eva Pettersson PhD seminar, 9-2029
2012-06-01 Christian Hardmeier PhD seminar, 9-2029
2012-06-08 reading group, 9-2029
2012-06-15 reading group, 9-2029

Fall 2011

Ideas for the reading group sessions:
2011-09-02 Filip Ginter: Mass-Scale Information Extraction in the Biomedical Domain seminar
2011-09-09 Christian Hardmeier PhD seminar
2011-09-16 Noah Smith: Linguistic Structure Prediction, Chapter 1 reading group
2011-09-23 Jörg Tiedemann: Machine Translation for Under-Resourced Languages and Domains seminar
room 9-1017
2011-09-30 Eva Pettersson PhD seminar
2011-10-07 Noah Smith: Linguistic Structure Prediction, Chapter 2.1 and 2.2 reading group
2011-10-14 Miguel Ballesteros PhD seminar
2011-10-21 Oscar Täckström PhD seminar
2011-10-28 Noah Smith: Linguistic Structure Prediction, Chapter 2.3 and 2.4 reading group
2011-11-11 Bernd Bohnet: Fast and Accurate Graph-based and Transition-based Dependency Parsing seminar
2011-11-18 Mojgan Seraji cancelled! PhD seminar
2011-11-25 Oscar Täckström PhD seminar
2011-12-02 Reut Tsarfati seminar
2011-12-09 Mattias Nilsson PhD seminar
2011-12-16 Noah Smith: Linguistic Structure Prediction, Chapter 3.4 - 3.7 (Miguel) reading group

Vårtermin 2011

Förslag för kommande möten:
att läsa
2011-02-04 Discussion about WMT11
2011-02-11 Discussion about WMT11
2011-04-08 Abhishek Arun et al. Monte Carlo techniques for phrase-based translation. Machine Translation 24 (2010), 103-121. Christian
2011-05-06 KOF-genrep
2011-05-27 Koo et al. Dual Decomposition for Parsing with Non-Projective Head Automata, Proceedings of the 2010 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
(further reading: Rush et al. On Dual Decomposition and Linear Programming Relaxations for Natural Language Processing, Proceedings of the 2010 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing)

Hösttermin 2010

att läsa
2010-09-24 Introducing a Dependency Spanning Tree Algorithm with an Argument Satisfaction Model Yue Zhang
2010-10-15 Liang Huang and Kenji Sagae. Dynamic Programming for Linear-Time Incremental Parsing. ACL 2010. Marco
2010-10-22 meeting to discuss publication strategies (Different room: Turing (computer lab)) Joakim
2010-10-29 (additional session if there is any need) Different room: Turing (computer lab)
2010-11-5 (additional session if there is any need; school vacation)
2010-11-19 (additional session if there is any need)
2010-11-26 Posterior Regularization for Structured Latent Variable Models, Kuzman Ganchev, João Graça, Jennifer Gillenwater, Ben Taskar Oscar
2010-12-3 (additional session if there is any need)
2010-12-17 (additional session if there is any need)

Vårtermin 2010

att läsa
2010-02-05 Halevy, A., Norvig, P. and Pereira, F. (2009) The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Data. IEEE Intelligent Systems 24:2, 8-12 Joakim
2010-02-26 Alshawi, Hiyan, Srinivas Bangalore & Shona Douglas (2000) "Learning Dependency Translation Models as Collections of Finite-State Head Transducers" in Computational Linguistics 26(1). Markus
2010-03-12 Bayesian Inference with Tears by Kevin Knight Oscar
2010-04-09 Shieber, Stuart M.: Synchronous Grammars as Tree Transducers Marco

Hösttermin 2009

att läsa
2009-09-25 Constraint satisfaction inference: Non-probabilistic global inference for sequence labelling, Authors: Sander Canisius, Antal van den Bosch, and Walter Daelemans In Proceedings of the EACL 2006 Workshop on Learning Structured Information in Natural Language Applications, Trento, April 2006 Jörg
2009-10-16 Jonathan Graehl, Kevin Knight, Jonathan May: Training Tree Transducers, Computational Linguistics, 34(3), 2008 Marco
2009-10-30 J. Clarke and M. Lapata (2008) "Global Inference for Sentence Compression: An Integer Linear Programming Approach", Volume 31, pages 399-429 Oscar
2009-11-20 Rens Bod, Is the End of Supervised Parsing in Sight? in Proc. of ACL 2007 Carlos
2009-12-04 Shalom Lappin and Stuart M. Shieber. Machine learning theory and practice as a source of insight into universal grammar. Journal of Linguistics, 43(2):393-427, 2007. Joakim