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Dokumenthantering 5p.
Jörg Tiedemann

Dokumenthantering VT01

This is an overview of the course Document Management (in Swedish: Dokumenthantering) that will be taught in the first half of the spring semester 2001 at the Department of Linguistics at Uppsala University.

The goal of this course is to give an introduction to various technologies of document management and document processing. The course will focus on processing large textual data collections from different sources.
Furthermore, the course will include an introduction to the programming language Perl.



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010124 Course homepage created
010129 Examination: VG=8 pt
010129 Lecture 2: OH-pictures fixed
010205 3 changes in the schedule (in bold face)

010207 Solutions for Lab 1 available
010214 Lecture 2: OH-pictures should be complete now
010214 Preliminary list of assignments for the final project
010226 Preliminary deadline for the final project: Wednesday March 28, 2001.


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  date time room subject
week 4
1. Thur 25/01 10-12 16-1015 Lecture (Introduction to DMS; Processing text documents)
week 5
2. Mon 29/01 13-15 09-3011 Lecture (Introduction to Perl; Practical text processing)
3. Thur 01/02 13-15 09-3036 Lab (Learning Perl)
week 6
4. Mon 05/02 13-15 09-3011 Lecture (Advanced document formats)
5. Thur 08/02 13-15 09-3036 Lab (deadline: 010218) - midcourse evaluation
week 7
6. Wed 14/02 10-12 16-2032 Lecture (Storing documents - Compression I)
7. Thur 15/02 10-12 16-1015 Lecture (Storing documents - Compression II)
week 8
8. Wed 21/02 10-12 09-3036 Lab (deadline: 010304)
9. Thur 22/02 10-12 16-1015 Lecture (Indexing)
week 9
10. Mon 26/02 13-15 09-3011 Lecture (Querying)
11. Thur 01/03 13-15 09-3036 Lab (deadline 010328?) - final course evaluation
week 10
12. Mon 05/03 13-15 09-3036 Lab
13. Wed 07/03 10-12 09-3036 Lab

The students will have to solve several small practical exercises and a final practical project. All exercises are obligatory. However, there will be elective tasks in some of them. A final report (paper version) has to be handed in for each exercise that includes:

  • a short description of the problem
  • a description of the solution
  • a description of problems and errors if any
  • all source codes if there are any (appendix)
  • a description of produced output (including screen dumps if necessary) (appendix)
The final project can be chosen from a set of tasks. Furthermore, additional projects for the final exercise may be suggested by the students.
All exercises will be graded with values between 0 and 10. In order to pass the course the student will have to obtain an average grade of at least 6.0 for the small exercises and at least 6.0 for the final project. The report for the final project has to be written following the same pattern like the other reports, although the larger scale of the final task has to be taken into account regarding its quality. All reports have to be written in English!
In order to get VG the student will have to obtain the required grades for passing the course and obtain a grade of 8.0 or higher for the final exercise.
The course is elective for students from the language engineering program. It is not obligatory to attend lectures and lab sessions.


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There is a compendium for this course available from this page. It summarizes main parts of the lectures and gives a short introduction to the programming language Perl. Exercises do not correspond to this course and do not have to be handed in. The compendium is available in electronic format for local users:

Other literature for this course will be taken from various sources. The most important are:

Neither Wall 96 nor Witten 94 is compulsory. Note: there are many other good Perl books beside Wall 96 (look at the camel critiques).


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... will be given to each lecture. All information will be linked to this course page.

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