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Fabienne Cap

Researcher in Computational Linguistics

Dr. Fabienne Cap (née Fritzinger)
NLP group
Department of Linguistics and Philology
Uppsala University
Box 635, SE-75126 Uppsala
Room: 9-2041
Tel: +46 18 471 1414
E-mail: firstname.lastname@lingfil.uu.se

Current Activities

I am currently co-organising the PARSEME shared task on the identification of verbal multiword expressions (VMWEs),
which is co-located with EACL in Valencia/Spain later this year. We created a great new dataset of manually
annotated VMWES covering a wide range of different languages and have recieved many exiting submissions
to the shared task track. If you are curious to find out more, either ask me or visit this page.


My research at Uppsala University for which I closely collaborate with the University of Stuttgart and LMU Munich
is funded by a VINNMER Marie Curie Incoming Grant. This grant is part of VINNOVAs Mobility for Growth programme
and covers half of my salary for three years (01. December 2015 - 30. November 2018).
My project is called TYDLIGT (Techniques Yielding Discourse Level Improvements in German Translation),
details can be found here.

Before joining Uppsala University, I did my PhD on morphological processing of compounds for statistical machine
translation at IMS, University of Stuttgart, from where I even hold a master's degree in computational linguistics.

Besides morphological processing for SMT, my research interests include multiword expressions, compounding
and distributional semantics.


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