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UPPSALA UNIVERSITY : Linguistics and Philology : Computational Linguistics
Uppsala universitet
Hoppa över länkar

Perspectives on the Swedish Treebank

Friday, 21 November (Afternoon) 2008
Hosted at SLTC 2008, Stockholm

Joakim Nivre and Beata Megyesi, Uppsala University

The workshop is organized around the first release of the Swedish Treebank, which will be made available on the occasion of the Second Swedish Language Technology Conference. The treebank is based on material from the Talbanken treebank and the Stockholm-Umeå Corpus, and has been developed by the language technology groups at Uppsala University and Växjö University. The target audience includes all potential users of the treebank, as well as researchers interested in the development and use of annotated corpora in general.

The workshop will consist of three parts. First, the developers of the Swedish Treebank will give an overview of the first release of the treebank. Secondly, a number of invited speakers, representing different user perspectives, will present their impressions of the treebank in short spotlight presentations. These speakers will be given access to a pre-release of the treebank prior to the workshop. Thirdly, there will be time for general discussion about the treebank and its future releases.

Lars Ahrenberg
Lars Borin
Elisabet Engdahl
Janne Bondi Johannessen

14.00-14.30 Introduction: The Swedish Treebank [Joakim Nivre]
14.30-15.30 Invited guests' comments [Chair: Sofia Gustafson Capkova]
14.30-14.45 Janne Bondi Johannessen
14.45-15.00 Lars Borin
15.00-15.15 Elisabet Engdahl
15.15-15.30 Lars Ahrenberg
15.30-16.00 Discussion [Moderator: Beata Megyesi]

The Swedish treebank will be available from Språkbanken. A part of the treebank, based on Talbanken data, is freely available and can be downloaded here.

The conference will be hosted at the Second Swedish Language Technology Conference (SLTC-08) in Stockholm, November 20-21, 2008, organized by the Human Language Technology Center at KTH and Uppsala University, with support from the Swedish Graduate School of Language Technology (GSLT). No additional registration, features or fees will be featured for the workshop.