The computational linguistics seminars usually take place on Fridays at 13.15 pm in room 9-3042, while group meetings and reading groups take place at 11.00. Exceptions are made when the department board has its meetings. These Fridays, there is only a seminar or a group meeting at 13.15 pm.

You can find suggestions for reading group articles on the google doc. Our seminar schedule up to Spring 2017 can be found here.

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Autumn 2017

Date    Time           ProgramRoom  
1 Sep11.00-12.00Group Meeting9-2029
1 Sep13.15-15.00Seminar: Reports from conferences and summer schools9-3042
8 Sep11.00-12.00Group Meeting9-2029
8 Sep13.15-15.00Seminar9-3042
15 Sep11.00-12.00Reading Group, Marie Dubremetz An Empirical Investigation of Statistical Significance in NLP9-2029
15 Sep13.15-15.00Michelle Waldispühl: Language internal and external factors for spelling variation in historical writing9-3042
22 Sep11.00-12.00Group Meeting9-2029
22 Sep13.15-15.00Sharid Loaiciga: What is it? Disambiguating the different readings of the pronoun ‘it’9-3042
29 Sep11.00-12.00(Styrelse) 9-2029
29 Sep13.15-15.00Seminar: Yan Shao9-3042
6 Oct11.00-12.00Reading Group, Yan Shao: Show, Attend and Tell: Neural Image Caption Generation with Visual Attention9-2029
6 Oct13.15-15.00Seminar9-3042
13 Oct11.00-12.00Group Meeting9-2029
13 Oct13.15-15.00Matteo Magnani: Structural analysis of online text networks3-0012
20 Oct11.00-12.00Reading Group, Gongb Tang: Attention Is All You Need 9-2029
20 Oct13.15-15.00Dave Zachariah: Learning sparse feature models with confidence9-3042
27 Oct11.00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
27 Oct13.15-15.00Linda Andersson: The Essence of Patent Text Mining 9-3042
3 Nov11.00-12.00Group Meeting9-2029
3 Nov13.15-15.00Seminar9-3042
10 Nov11.00-12.00Reading Group, Ali Basirat 9-2029
10 Nov13.15-15.00Seminar: Anders Hast and Lasse Mårtensson9-3042
17 Nov11.00-12.00Group Meeting9-2029
17 Nov13.15-15.00Seminar: Gongbo Tang9-3042
24 Nov11.00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
24 Nov13.15-15.00Julia Udden: 9-3042
1 Dec11.00-12.00Reading Group, Miryam de Lhoneux 9-2029
1 Dec13.15-15.00Seminar9-3042
8 Dec10.15-12.00Seminar: Hannah Rohde9-3042
8 Dec13.15-15.00Thesis defence by Karl Berglund. The defense will be in Swedish.Geigersalen
15 Dec11.00-12.00Reading Group, 9-2029
15 Dec13.15-15.00Seminar9-3042
19 Dec13.15-15.00Seminar: Ali Basirat9-3042