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Home directory

Some subdirectories in your home directory are special.


If you create a directory bin that will be included in your PATH the next time you login. That is, you will be able to run programs in there by just typing their name.

Programs that use standard installation for GNU programs will end up there after:

./configure --prefix ~
make install

(Here the designation ~ for your home directory is used.)

Similarly .local/bin will be added to your PATH if it exists. For example programs that are part of something installed with a personal installation with pip will end up there.


That is a link to the /nobackup area, of which no backups are done. See here!


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[2018-05-02] Now if you have a directory bin it will automatically be added to your PATH

[2018-04-12] Information about profile pictures on the system.

[2018-03-14] Maps for Chomsky and Turing now show when people logged in.

[2017-12-13] We have a Git server with Gitolite

[2017-12-12] Print from command line with eduPrint.