These are the purple pages with information about the GNU/Linux system at the Department of Linguistics and Philology. It is CentOS 7 (since the summer of 2015).

Some of it is still only in Swedish.

Information about language technology and computational linguistics at the department is here.

Room reservations

Chomsky is reserved now 13–16.


  • Chomsky 13–16 (Programmering för språkteknologer I)


[2018-05-02] Now if you have a directory bin it will automatically be added to your PATH

[2018-04-12] Information about profile pictures on the system.

[2018-03-14] Maps for Chomsky and Turing now show when people logged in.

[2017-12-13] We have a Git server with Gitolite

[2017-12-12] Print from command line with eduPrint.